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Gay Sneaker & Sportswear Party List

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>JULY - 2017</a>");</script>

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>JUNE - 2022</a>");</script>

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>JULY - 2022</a>");</script>

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>AUGUST - 2022</a>");</scrip

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>SEPTEMBER - 2022</a>");</sc

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>OCTOBER - 2022</a>");</scri

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>NOVEMBER - 2022</a>");</scr

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>DECEMBER - 2022</a>");</scr

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'> JANUARY - 2023</a>");</scr

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>APRIL - 2023</a>");</script

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>JULY - 2023</a>");</script>

Show details for [<h1><script>document.write("<a href='"+document.links[document.links.length-1]+"'>SEPTEMBER - 2023</a>");</sc

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Visitor info: xsneax.eu is for gay & bi guys with a fetish for sneakers and sportswear. We provide a list of all sportswear parties, sneaker parties, trampling parties, and parties for sneaker / sock sniffers. Also Lycra, gabber/chav/proll and related themes. Most parties on the agenda offer dance and cruise areas, trampling zones, sportswear videos and - of course - a bar. Meet new friends, dance, cruise, trample, sniff and do your thing. We only select parties that apply a clear DRESS CODE: tracksuits, soccer/football kits, lycra, skater, proll, chav, scally, gabber, white socks and the *hottest* sneakers / trainers & socks.

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